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Jul 17

8 Essential Security Tips When Moving Home

Moving home can be a stressful experience but the last thing you need when moving home is a breach in your security adding to your stress. We have put together a list of 8 essential things you should do when you move home to ensure you protect your home and personal security. 1. When you […]

May 17

Home Security: How To Make Improvements

Home security improvements are the best way to protect your property from burglars, by creating deterrents to make burglars think twice before attempting to enter your property. No one wants to go through the stress of a break in so we have done our research and put together 5 top tips to improve your home security […]

May 15

Aintree Jacobs biscuits thief ‘had been burgling site for years’

James Mcardle from Walton was seen making off with boxes of Oddities biscuits from factory A prolific thief who targeted an Aintree biscuit factory told a police officer he had been “burgling this place since before you were a child”, a court heard today. Drug addict James Mcardle, 45, pleaded guilty to burglary at Liverpool […]

Apr 15

Why security should be a key step in your spring-clean checklist

Spring is high season for moving house and sprucing up the home. But in the bustle of moving boxes and clearing off cobwebs, few of us remember to check the key security features that keep our homes and families safe all year round. In fact, if you’re one of the 74% of people who have […]

Apr 15

Suspected burglar swam River Mersey to try to escape from police

A burglary suspect in Warrington made a doomed attempt to escape arrest – by jumping into the River Mersey. The man tried to escape from police in the early hours of this morning by jumping in the river, but failed to escape after officers stood on both banks and waited for him to give himself […]

Mar 15

What are burglars looking out for?

Think your home is secure? With Britain suffering the highest burglary rates in Europe, burglars say “you’re making life easy”. Thieves boast that they can get in no matter what security measures are in place. Inventive ones are prepared to remove doors and poison dogs to get in. A new in-depth study amongst a group […]

Nov 14

Masked gang raid Wirral diamond jewellers

Three masked men raided a Merseyside diamond jewellers this afternoon before fleeing the scene in a getaway car. The thieves, who were wearing dark clothing and balaclavas, burst into Catheralls Diamond Merchants and Jewellers on Mill Lane in Wallasey at around 2.10pm. At this stage it is believed the gang broke display cabinets and snatched […]

Nov 14

Eighteen people arrested in Merseyside Police crackdown on burglary

Eighteen people were arrested this morning as part of a three-month operation to crackdown on burglary in Merseyside. They are being held for a number of crimes including burglary, robbery and possession of drugs, after police raided 25 properties across the region. Two cannabis farms were also uncovered in Sefton and north Liverpool. Superintendent Chris […]

Sep 14

Liverpool is one of UK’s burglary hotspots

The top 20 burglary hotspots in the UK have been named – and Liverpool features twice in the top 10. According to research by London has 12 of the postcodes on the list.But Manchester had the most burglary claims overall in the past 12 months – with 45.2 per thousand people. Liverpool has two […]