8 Essential Security Tips When Moving Home


Moving home can be a stressful experience but the last thing you need when moving home is a breach in your security adding to your stress. We have put together a list of 8 essential things you should do when you move home to ensure you protect your home and personal security.

1. When you have moved into your new home get a locksmith to come and do a review of your home security to make sure everything is up to standard.

2. Make sure all your outbuildings are secure. Many homes these days have sheds, standalone garages, workshops, summerhouses etc. which often house expensive goods such as power tools, bikes, lawn mowers and are the perfect target for would be burglars. Contact Beckwith Locksmiths to have all your outbuilding locks upgraded to British Standard locks in case anyone still has a key from the previous tenant.

3. Change the locks on all external doors of the house, Beckwith Lock and Safe can fit British Standard (British Standard BS3621:2004) five-lever Mortice locks which are recommended by the home office, which are one of the highest security locks available for your home.

4. Redirecting your mail straight away is also a very good idea to ensure you do not become a victim of identity theft.

5. Finding out whether your house has been burgled previously is also a good idea as burglars are known to return to properties as they will already know the layout, also ensure that your security system or alarms are visibly different from before for example install outdoor security lighting to further deter burglars.

6. Get to know your local Neighbourhood Watch Team. This means that when you are not in you know someone is always watching over your property, which can help give you peace of mind.

7. If you have bought new expensive items for the property don’t leave their empty boxes visible in the street as would-be burglars are always on the lookout for these sorts of things.
8. Make sure on all windows upstairs and downstairs that the woodwork is in good order, any rotting wood can be easy for burglars to pry open with a crow bar or screwdriver.

We hope these tips can help you keep your home secure when moving. Beckwith Lock and Safe are always on hand to help with all your security concerns if there is anything within this blog post you would like to discuss or you are moving home and would like some advice then feel free to contact us on 0151 281 6559

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