Mul-t-lock SmartAir Access Control Locks

There are four options, which are each independent and yet upgradable, depending on client request and requirements to an application


Smartair is programmed using a series of programming cards. No other equipment is required. A programming card is used to add and delete user fobs for up to 500 users. Now, with the addition of a shadow card, individual ‘lost’ users can also be managed more effectively.

Update on Card

Update on Card allows doors to have escutcheons or wall readers installed. A management kit connected to a PC acts as the central point for setting up users and configuring doors. Cards are issued from an encoder unit connected to the PC and a cards audit trail can be read from any card passed back to the PC.

Smartair Online

Smartair Online works on the same basis as Update on Card, with the benefit of use of wall readers in series, connected via an IP network back to the PC which are able to update cards and collect card audit trails in real time.

Smartair Wireless

Smartair Wireless combines standalone wireless locks, TCP/IP connection hubs and highly intuitive management software. The system is powered with wireless bi-directional technology that uses encrypted radio frequency communications to transfer information in real time to and from the electronic wireless door locks to the computer.

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